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Go With The Flow ...

Updated: Mar 22

Feel Calm & Balanced …

Go with the Flow!

Paddle boarding and its great health benefits

- Mental and Physical.

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)– an outdoor recreational activity that has seen its popularity soar rapidly over the past few of years - is relaxing, great exercise and FUN!


Stress – something we all experience in our everyday life – from running late for an appointment, rushing to finish a work project, worrying about a family member/friend etc …. it is when it all starts to mount up on you and you get no break from it all that it will start to take over your health.

Stress is unfortunately one of the great public health challenges linked to numerous Physical, Emotional and Mental Health issues - a significant factor in Mental Health conditions including Anxiety & Depression as well as Physical Health conditions such as Insomnia, Digestive issues, Lowered Immunity levels and Heart conditions (to name just a few …)

Scientific studies have proven that being around bodies of water can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression due to its calming influences – helping to relax your mind and promote mental clarity.

Being surrounded by nature; taking in your surroundings of natural beauty and wildlife is perfect for relieving stress, reducing tension, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What's a better way to help get away and switch off from everyday life than to go paddle-boarding!

Paddle-boarding is also great for exercise so you can also reap the benefits of a workout.

A low impact activity but great for building strength.

Using your Feet, Legs and Core for balance and stability on the board, plus your Upper back and Arms to paddle.

Have a leisurely paddle and go at the pace of nature on the river/canal, lake, or Sea - make it more strenuous by paddling faster & quicker!

Battle the white-water rapids or surf the waves if you want to be more adventurous!!

If you enjoy Yoga - Take it onto the water for some SUP Yoga …

Releasing those “Happy, Feel Good” hormones (Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin) that as well as making you feel amazing after exercising, act as natural stress relievers leading to better Sleep Patterns, Improved Moods, and less Anxiety.

It really is an activity for everyone – children & adults, social or solo.

And due to its popularity, there are many opportunities out there so you can give it a try.

**If you’ve never tried it, a Paddle-boarding lesson from a suitably qualified Instructor is advised and helpful for guidance.

Always wear a PFD (personal flotation device), Board Leash (inc. quick release belt on moving water).

Carry a phone (inside a waterproof pouch) & make sure someone is aware of where you are **


About Ali

Ali Iles - a great lover of paddleboarding (!) is a Reflexology & Massage Therapist based in Bristol, UK.

Offering Complementary Therapies to help bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions plus providing you with time for relaxation - relieving tension and helping to improve your sense of wellbeing and health.

A full member of

The Association of Reflexologists’ (AoR) and

Federation of Holistic Therapists’ (FHT).

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