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Here are a few frequently asked questions & answers that I have thought of …

I hope they are helpful for you but if you think of any others and would like to ask please feel

free to contact me!


How can I pay?

Payment by either Cash or Card at time of appointment is accepted thankyou.

Are you able to provide a receipt?

Yes - if you let me know that you require one I can either email it to you or provide you with a paper copy at the time of appointment.

Is Parking Available?

Yes, you are welcome to park on the driveway.

Do you provide Gift Vouchers?

Yes - Contact me for further information and to purchase.

Gift Vouchers can be made out for a specific treatment (ie. Reflexology session / Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage) OR made out as a monetary value of your choice (ie. £20, £35 etc) so the recipient can then choose what they would like in person

You may either collect in person or I can post it to you / them.

Gift Vouchers can also be emailed to you.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments for Reflexology or Massage may be either made via the websites 'Booking' page OR directly with me.

If you wish to make an appointment but have any questions or want to discuss having any treatment beforehand, please contact me. 

Via Telephone -  (Tel - 07961 985297) If you call and get voicemail, please do leave a message and I will call you back - I may be with a client at the time so my phone will be off.

Via Email ( - I do try to respond to email enquiries within 24hrs.


Some Commonly asked queries about Reflexology...

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can relax in.

Reflexology is focused on and around your feet, ankles and lower legs so the only clothing to be removed will be shoes and socks/tights.

If wearing trousers/leggings etc, it is ideal if they can be rolled up above your ankles - comfortably to calf level if possible.

What happens during a Reflexology session?

With your first visit, it is best to allow an extra 20/30mins so we can have a chat, take your details and discuss Reflexology and your expectations or if you have reasons for having it.

You may then lie back and relax on the couch (or recliner chair) - your feet will be raised on a cushion and wrapped in a towel. You may also have a blanket to place over yourself for comfort.

Before treatment commences, your feet will be wiped over gently with a warm flannel and then the Reflexology treatment will carry on using various techniques, massage movements, thumb walking and thumb and finger holds on various Reflexology points around your feet and ankles.

Is it Painful?

Having Reflexology should be a calm and relaxing experience for you. 

The pressure being used by the therapist should be firm enough so its not tickly (!) but not so firm that its painful and causing you discomfort (not very relaxing for you!)

Sometimes if there is an area of 'imbalance' on reflex points it may feel tender to you but I always say if you are uncomfortable please let me know and I can adjust the pressure accordingly.


Is it Tickly?

It shouldn't be ticklish - A firm enough pressure (not painful/uncomfortable) is used so that it shouldn't be. But always let me

know if it is and we can adjust accordingly.

Is Reflexology a Foot Massage?

Reflexology is not specifically classed as a massage therapy but it does involve various massage movements - used mainly at the beginning and end of the treatment when wanting to help relax the feet.

Reflexology involves the stimulation of various reflex points using various Reflexology techniques, holds and pressures.

Have a look at The Association of Reflexologists fascinating 'Interactive Map' so you can see how the feet (or hands) are mapped out!

How many sessions or how often should I have Reflexology?

This may depend on each individuals circumstances - If you are looking to have Reflexology for a specific reason or to help with a specific condition then an initial course of treatments is advised. To see any benefits a course of 5 - 6 sessions either weekly or fortnightly would be ideal and reassessed as we go along, but we can discuss a treatment plan during your appointment that would suit you personally.

Some people enjoy having Reflexology for its relaxation purposes and have a session booked for once a month; this helps them feel more focused, relaxed and balanced afterwards and something to look forward to each month!

Some Commonly asked queries about Massage...

What is the difference between Swedish massage and Sports massage?

The techniques used in Swedish and Sports massage are quite similar though If you wish to have a massage for relaxation, to release tension and unwind then it will be Swedish massage. 

Sports massage tends to focus on a particular muscular issue that needs attention.

What shall I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing that you can relax in is best to wear.

Do I need to undress completely?

To some extent yes - this will depend on what type of massage you are requiring.

For Example - 

Full Body Massage - As access is needed to massage most of the body, its best (more comfortable for you) to undress completely apart from underwear which can stay on.

Back, neck & shoulders - Access to your upper body / back is required so just your top will be required removing (ladies - bra's may remain on if you wish or removed, I will just need to undo the clasp/lower shoulder straps to massage the back/shoulders area).

Legs - Access to your legs and lower back is required so just require your trousers/skirt etc to be removed (underwear kept on) - OR you may wish to wear a pair of shorter length shorts that still allows access to the full leg length.

If in doubt please ask!

You will be given privacy to undress and get comfortable on the couch/under the drapes or towel and privacy at the end of the massage to get dressed.

Will I be covered during the massage?

Yes - you will be covered with a large drape or Towel whilst on the massage couch. The areas being massaged at the time will be uncovered whilst being massaged and then covered up after.

Will the massage hurt?

Not intentionally no! 

I will check in with you to make sure the pressure being used is suitable for you and that you are feeling comfortable.

If you wish for the pressure being used to be lighter or maybe firmer then please do feel free to ask.

I will use enough pressure to be firm and not feathery or ticklish but not heavy handed to feel uncomfortable or painful.

Sometimes there may be areas of discomfort or tenderness if an area has been injured or holding a lot of tension - but pressure being used will be guided by how you feel with it.

If you are tensing up because of discomfort then the muscle(s) will not relax.

How many sessions will I need?

That will really depend on what you are having the massage therapy for and if its for any injury - then how the progress goes.

Some people like to book monthly 'maintenance' sessions - especially if they're prone to tension building up and causing discomfort etc.

OR they make sure they book in advance so they have something to look forward to each month - some time for themselves to relax and switch off - great for their self-care & wellbeing!

For those coming with particular issues they want massage attention for - it will depend on severity, recovery time and the individuals circumstances etc.

Ideally, weekly sessions to 'get to grips' and then once benefits are being noted after a few sessions then we can assess and leave longer in-between such as fortnightly or monthly.

But, how many sessions needed and how often, can be discussed in person at the time of your appointment and managed from then onwards.

Reflexology FAQs
Massage FAQs
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