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Personally handmade Eye Pillows; helping you to find that calm space...

These eye pillows are personally handmade by me - Ali - A project that first started during the many Covid Lockdowns and has continued due to their growing popularity! 


Using cotton materials and filled with organic golden flaxseeds (lightweight & hold heat really well) plus then your choice of added dried lavender; known for it's relaxing, calming properties - or left unscented with only a golden flaxseed filling (which has a neutral odour even after being heated).

Relax & Unwind - Lie back and gently place pillow over closed eyes - relax and breathe deeply 


They can be used as a Hot or Cold compress.

Perfect for Yoga / Savasana, Meditation and everyday relaxation, AND a great aid to help improve sleep.

  • Help with Relaxation

  • Promotes Sleep

  • Helps Relieve Tired Eyes

  • Helps to Alleviate Stress & Tension

  • Helps to Soothe Headaches & Migraines

Bought for personal use plus make wonderful thoughtful gifts for friends/loved ones.

These Eye Pillows are also made on request - often for fellow likeminded Therapists who find them a great addition for their own clients use - If you are a Therapist who would like some made for your own business use please feel free to contact Ali to discuss options.