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A Little Calm ...

Emerald Paisley Peacock Eye Pillow.


Relax & Unwind ...

Lie back, relax and gently place pillow over closed eyes and breathe deeply,

Can be used as a Hot or Cold compress.

Perfect for Yoga/Savasana, Meditation and everyday Relaxation, PLUS a great aid to help improve Sleep.


Helps with Relaxation

Promotes Sleep

Helps to Relieve Tired Eyes

Helps to alleviate Stress & Tension

Soothing for Headaches & Migraines.





A removable outer pillow case made from 100% cotton fabric from the 'Soraya' range by Lewis & Irene.

'Soraya' meaning gems or jewel in ancient Arabic.

An Eastern inspired collection in rich jewel colours featuring Paisley patterned Peacocks on a dark emerald background.






Personally handmade using 100% cotton material and filled with -

Organic Golden Flaxseeds

- tiny flat seeds that conform and mold to any size/shape face, creating the perfect weight and balance for an eye pillow. They hold temperature well (HOT OR COLD) due to their size and density, along with their natural oil content which produces a soothing moist heat with a soft, neutral aroma.




- Plus your choice of adding dried lavender flower buds - known for their relaxing and calming properties and aromas.



Measurements - 22cm × 10cm.

Weight approx 160g.

Emerald Paisley Peacock Eye Pillow


    • Made using 100% cotton material and filled with Organic Golden Flaxseeds plus your choice of added Dried Lavender.
    • Gentle wipe clean only.
    • DO NOT PLACE IN WASH - This will destroy the filling ingredients.


    • Personally handstitched using 100% cotton materials.
    • The cover should always be removed when heating or freezing the inner bag.
    • The Outer Cover may be handwashed or machine washed at 30*C.
    • Do Not Tumble Dry.
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