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Thai Foot Massage

thai foot massage
If you enjoy Reflexology, you will also enjoy this fabulous treatment, but will be surprised at how different techniques feel!

Thai Foot Massage is both invigorating and deeply relaxing.


It dates back more than 2000 years, originating in China, and is seen all over Thailand today. Treatment includes massaging the Feet and Lower legs (up to the knees), involving hands on massage and stretching to 'open' SEN (energy) lines, along with the use of a traditional Thai foot massage stick to stimulate the reflex points on the feet.

Thai foot massage stimulates these points to promote general health and well-being.

Leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorated.

The massage is usually given with you fully clothed; ideally wearing loose fitting clothing that can be taken up comfortably above the knee. With you lying comfortably on a massage couch.

Thai Foot Massage is great for tired feet, improving circulation and lymph movement in the feet and lower legs, and improving flexibility.

Benefits include - 


  • Facilitates relaxation

  • Stress relief

  • Improves circulation in feet and legs

  • Improves lymphatic drainage

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Helps to improve sleep

  • Helps to 'lift' your mood

  • Improves concentration and clarity of mind

  • Increases flexibility

  • Helps to relieve pain and muscle tension

  • Leaves you with a general feeling of tranquility, calmness and well-being.

foot massage
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