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Relax and Unwind with 
Reflexology and Massage Therapy in Downend, Bristol.

Ali Iles | Reflexology & Massage Therapist in Downend, Bristol, UK.

Ali Iles is a Reflexology and Massage Therapist based in Downend, Bristol. 

Providing a warm and welcoming environment for you to feel comfortable in whilst you enjoy your time for relaxation - relieving tension and helping to improve your sense of wellbeing and health.

Therapies available include - 

A qualified Reflexology & Massage Therapist since 2005 and a registered therapist with - 

  • The Association of Reflexologists (AoR)

  • Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)


Reflexology can be used to help restore and maintain the body's natural balance. Promoting deep relaxation and well-being, helping to reduce stress levels in peoples lives thereby optimising good health.

A treatment based on the principle that the anatomy of the body is reflected in miniature on reflex zones/points on the feet and hands.

By working on these reflexes using specific techniques of holds and pressures helps to induce relaxation and balance.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages, is non-invasive and may bring relief from a wide range of health conditions - Treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.

With a personal interest in Women's Health & Wellbeing - Ali can provide Reflexology to support you ...

Reflexology in Downend, Bristol with Ali Iles. Helping to support you with time for relaxation, to help improve sleep, reduce stress levels and to support women whilst trying to conceive naturally with their partner or via assisted conception. Reflexology also available for throughout your pregnancy, and to support women going through menopause.
Sports Massage in Downend, Bristol with Ali Iles. Highly beneficial for soft tissue injuries, muscular strains and tension, overuse, repetive and strenuous activities.


Sports Massage - Not just for Athletes and doesn't need to be sports related! You may find it benefits you due to your work/lifestyle habits.

A sports massage can be for everyone - anyone experiencing everyday levels of muscular strain and tension including occupational stress and demands can benefit.

Highly beneficial for the treatment of soft tissue injuries, muscular strains and tension commonly caused by overuse, repetitive and strenuous activity.

Also available - Kinesio Taping & Myofascial Dry Cupping.

Swedish body massage

If you are looking to unwind whilst having a quiet, relaxing and soothing massage then 'Swedish Body Massage' is one for you!

This type of massage uses a variety of different techniques, from long gliding flowing strokes to kneading, friction and tapping movements.

Promoting suppleness, easing away tension, improving circulation PLUS providing you with time for relaxation!

Definitely for those who enjoy massage and looking for a time to switch off and relax!

Relax and unwind with a swedish body massage. Ali Iles is a Massage Therapist based in Downend, Bristol providing you with time for relaxation. Ease away back, neck & shoulder tension.

I had my first Reflexology session with Ali this week. Ali has a lovely manner with clients and I felt at ease. The Reflexology was incredible and I felt very relaxed. First time I have ever almost fallen asleep in a treatment!

Absolutely wonderful experience with Ali. I approached Ali after having experienced some awful neck pain. After 2 sessions with her, the pain has subsided. I would recommend Ali without reservation.

Amazing Reflexology with Ali. Because of being 33 weeks pregnant in the heat, my feet have been swollen & painful. Ali's Reflexology made my feet feel so much better & made my body feel so relaxed!

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