A little Calm...


Personally handmade Eye Pillows; helping you to find that calm space...

These eye pillows are personally handmade by me - Ali - using cotton materials and filled with organic golden flaxseeds (lightweight & hold heat really well) plus then your choice of added dried lavender; known for it's relaxing, calming properties - or left unscented with only a golden flaxseed filling (which has a neutral odour even after being heated).

Relax & Unwind - Lie back and gently place pillow over closed eyes - relax and breathe deeply 


They can be used as a Hot or Cold compress.

Perfect for Yoga / Savasana, Meditation and everyday relaxation, plus a great aid to help improve sleep.

  • Help with Relaxation

  • Promotes Sleep

  • Helps Relieve Tired Eyes

  • Helps to Alleviate Stress & Tension

  • Helps to Soothe Headaches & Migraines


Ali is also a Stockist of "PILLOWSPRAYS" (www.pillowsprays.co.uk)

'Pillowsprays' provides a range of natural, beautifully fragranced pillow sprays which can be used as linen sprays or as room sprays.

A brand that was founded on the belief that you shouldn't need deep pockets to get a deep sleep.

Providing a range of natural, beautifully fragranced scents which can be used as linen sprays or as room sprays.

All contain carefully curated oils which go beyond the usual Lavender sprays on the market (although we have those too!).

A mission to be providing a high quality product in an ethical way.

Using premium essential oils that are organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

These pillow sprays contain no artificial perfumes and are 'clean-fragrance'.

All of our pillow sprays are in a generous 100ml bottle.

Yes - Clean Fragrance, Organic, Vegan, Premium & Ethically sourced oils.


No - Artificial perfumes, Parabens, Sulphates, artificial colours.